self assessment accounts

Annual Accounts

DSK Associates makes it easy to prepare self assessments / corporate accounts by working closely with our clients and discussing the fine details. We use a Cloud-based software where the clients can log in from anywhere in the world and view their accounts and reports.

We prepare

  1. Statutory accounts prepared in accordance with the requirements of company laws, charity commission, accounting standards and/or to meet the requirements of tax laws
  2. We Provide management accounting and reporting services on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly or even yearly basis
  3. If you have our bookkeeping package then we will already have most of the data  on our software.
    We will discuss provisional accounts for Profit + Loss / Balance Sheet and then finalize with your input .
  4. For other clients , we will prepare your accounts to your deadline by transferring your data into in our cloud software for your approval
  5. Our team always analyzes your accounts in order to optimize the lowest tax liability possible.